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Growth and development of 1-3 home detection method

  over 1 year old, baby, wobbly walk. His vision is more and more open, more dynamic, and you know what he should do at any time what skills? Age of
the following test 1 and a half through normal
1. baby will turn on your own book?
mind development:
book, a seemingly simple action for baby is not so simple. When exposed to the books the "toys", the baby will start tearing the book, or with a small hand in the book another shot again and again, or simply place it on the floor.
1 half years old baby, have been able to skillfully mimic parents ' book.
home test points:
baby books, encouraged him to book. For adopted baby turned two pages in a row.
2. baby can you identify their facial features?
mind development:
to 1, rapid development of baby's hand-eye coordination, he understand more about your body, plus the ability to understand the language obtained rapid promotion, he begins to learn to identify their five senses.
home test points:
for the baby and asked him: "where is the baby's eyes? "" Where's the baby's nose? "Issues such as whether or not he refers to. To denote the organ for the adoption of more than 3.
3. do baby potty?
mind development:
after age 1, some habits of baby grew. Training has become a task in this phase is very important. Through the training, 1 and a half baby should have a desire for Active sitting.
home test points:
baby want to toilet, and asked him if he'd like to sit? Watch baby will wet your pants during the day. If adults remind know bidet, or know to sit on her own initiative, and basically do not wet your pants during the day is through.
/> 1.5-2 years old 4. baby blocks it?
mind development:
after 1 and a half baby interested in building blocks, in erected the building, under the guidance of adults, or pushed bricks arranged in a column. As the baby grew older, to take a high number of building block more and more, small hands have become more and more flexible.
home test points:
baby a heap block, give him a lift tower. In the case without the help of adults, 1 and a half baby can ride high 4, 21 months could take the high 5-6, 2 years old can ride high 7 total lift 3 times, is made of 1-pass.
5. baby likes to wear bead somewhere?
mind development:
with the baby, hand-eye coordination and fine motor development, finger flexibility and better, wearing beaded abilities developed rapidly. To 21 months when baby has glass can be accurately into grommets, and wire from the other side of the glass to pull out.
home test points:
glass filament grommets, encouraging baby to imitate, he can thread through more than 5 mm of the eyelets. As long as 21 months baby through the grommets, do not pull through; 2 years old baby glass silk through the eyelets, with one hand and pull the line out is through.
6. baby do you like painting with a pen?
mind development:
after 1 and a half baby began to develop an interest in graffiti, he will grasp the stabbing pen on paper, draw some dots, to 2 years of age, have been able to use the thumb and other fingers, appeared more mature grip position, and can imitate to draw vertical lines and circles.
home test points:
use crayons to draw a variety of trails, encourages the baby to learn to draw and observe their reaction. 18 month baby can draw debut road (unlimited); 2 years old baby can draw a vertical line and circle, draw a vertical line between the actual vertical and angle is less than 30 degrees, draw the circle may be winding, not even close is through.
7. baby can you match graphics and real?
mind development: 1 and a half
baby used to the graphic and physical confused, so baby wanted to eat fruit will take cards or books on fruit chew; 1 year and a half later, baby can already distinguish between pictures and physical differences of common items and match them.
home test points:
to prepare some cards and baby real corresponding to the card, took out a card and let baby real corresponding to the card match, or, conversely, let the baby on the physical card. 2 years old baby can put those graphics with real one by one is through.

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