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Special physical baby diet method

  children dinner four problem of reasons and the countermeasures
problem a: side eat side play
reasons analysis:
children side eat side play of bad habits of habit has many reasons, but in is big degree Shang is because parents no science to feeding children, like children already eat full has, parents is requirements children must to put quantitative completed or again added rice; also some parents too accommodation children, children wants to how on how; some parents no for children established has rhythm of life habits, When kids are happy and cozy dragged their children to eat more families do not have good table manners for children and education.
a child around the age of three, and directs him to sit and eat, not eating to play. Children eat, don't shoehorn him. Family members comply with table manners, for example, we focus on who hasn't sat down at the table, let the child feel not only in dining, dine and enjoy the time, around the dinner table eating communicate emotions. Exclude as much as possible cause factors of children with a meal and, if possible, stagger the watching TV and eating. It also requires parents to set an example.
challenge two: food
my daughter was four years old, favorite drink, snack, dinner to pick three picked up four, many foods are not eaten, such as carrot, egg yolk, with the result that people grow very little. Analysis of
kids picky eaters to some extent is the child of "self-awareness" development of a performance, shows children learn to make their own decisions, to choose food according to their preferences. If a child due to health reasons (not applicable or no appetite), and occasionally aversion to certain foods or adverse experiences, may result in rejection of a certain food. Adults if children over indulge on food will develop children's picky. Children's eating habits is to a large extent followed the family's eating habits, so when a child is a picky eater, parents need to think about yourself if you're a picky eater?
1, give the child the freedom to choose, as with adults, choose food likes and dislikes. Can allow children to have some options. How to make the kids choices? Provide some little trick here: create a warm dining atmosphere and setting the table, let the children choose the tableware and seating. Easy exchanges with a meal. On certain food a picky eater, the mother can use some tone or technique recommended by (example: what to eat what to eat first, eating two or three, can eat with a vegetable mix), but allows you to select is not catering to children's food. Some parents often seek the child's views and asked him what he wanted to eat good food, it is teaching him how to fussy eaters. Allows you to choose were children themselves do not want to eat it.
2, if a child due to physical causes of appetite and changes in appetite, never in front of the children show worry and worry, careful observation, changes in diet, a stage will be good.
3, often inspired by her interest in a food. Story inspired child can be used, for example: what is only tall, became champion xxx cartoon star, like eggs have the ability. Or the parents appreciated expression of induced child appetite.
4, attentive mother food design and cooking tips that you want to change as possible. When the child doesn't like a food, cooking you want to analyze whether there is a problem, for example, do not repeat the same kind of food for days, the food must have changed can be kid-friendly food, and do not like the food.
5, person, occasion, timely encouragement. Children a good appetite when correcting a picky eater.
challenge three: no special physical appetite
baby diet method
some special physical baby, mothers should be targeted to develop a diet plan for the baby: baby
1, choose foods rich in vitamins such as vitamin a, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, niacin, etc. New research shows that some children get fat is because of lack of these vitamins because they plays an important role in body fat catabolism, once the shortage will affect the body's normal metabolism and energy to excess, forming fat.
2, Supplement of calcium to the child more soy products, high-calcium foods such as seafood and animal bones. Fat kid because of excess weight, increase in body fluids, increased demand for calcium, if it is not filled, it would be relatively easier for children suffering from rickets.
3, strong enough water not only children's metabolic needs, but also a condition for maintaining a normal weight, because excess fat in the body to be in the water with the participation of can's solutions for heat dissipation.

thin thin baby children often have poor appetite, diarrhea, and vomiting after eating and other phenomena, Chinese medicine called infantile malnutrition, because the function of spleen and stomach weak. Therefore, the meal should be more tonifying the spleen and stomach, digestion of food, such as yams, lentils, seeds, Tuckahoe, and cooking methods used to water as the heat transfer medium, such as soup, soup, cake, use less oil as the medium, such as frying, grilling cooking methods. Pay attention to food in moderation to prevent injured the spleen and stomach fullness, so that children will always maintain a vigorous appetite.
repeatedly cold of baby
1, and is rich in vitamin and copper elements of food lack vitamin a,, will led to children respiratory mucosa resistance force declined, to for bacteria or virus invasion open door, carrot, and animal liver is rich in vitamin a,; copper pigment can in invaded body of virus surface gathered, and vitamin c "teamed up" eradication virus, so was United Kingdom drug Federation of experts as prevention cold or flu of "best partner". Therefore, in addition to a certain amount of vitamin c pills outside, apricots, apples, mushrooms, beef liver and other foods rich in copper should eat.
2, chicken soup based on France and Belgium expert studies, especially chicken soup chicken soup containing special ingredients, enhances blood flow in your throat, increase the secretion of bronchial and removal of invasive respiratory viruses, is combating the cold ambiance.
3, mushroom spores of mushrooms on the betel nut-like small particles and small particles can stimulate the cold virus so that it forms a layer of thick-walled, lose the ability to pathogenic.
1 noise environment, living near the road, downtown, industrial district of noise with the environment, such as children, advised to eat more eggs, milk, beans, and fresh vegetables. Because the noise will increase the consumption of proteins and vitamins in the human body. If it is not filled, can affect children's physical and intellectual development.
2, in order to protect your child's hearing, must also take a certain amount of magnesium. Seaweed, green leafy vegetables and cereals containing more magnesium, to choose from.
/> asthma Australia medical experts report that eating fatty fish such as salmon, tuna and mackerel, fish, can reduce children's chances of developing asthma. According to expert observations, eating fish once a week, can make the asthma rate by 75%. The secret lies in the fatty acids in fish fat contains a, and has some anti-inflammatory effects, by preventing inflammation of the respiratory tract and preventing asthma attacks.
/> deworming medicine baby many parents and children after taking anthelmintic appetite, mental deterioration, sleep disturbed. Their reasons, but stressed that due to diet and neglect the necessary nutrition. Right thing to do is: take deworming medicine during the increase in eggs, beans, fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, and other children's taste and nutritious food in order to improve the function of spleen and stomach, this discomfort will also disappear. Teeth
night kid
night, legs twitching, wake up, it is often a lack of calcium in the body of the alert. Need to add green vegetables, milk, minced fish, shrimp and other food high in calcium.