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How to quit the bad habit of baby milk at night

  many babies have the habit of eating at night, eat at night is a bad habit. Of course, the newborn is another story. Breastfeeding newborn babies need to follow an on-demand feeding, baby just hungry to feed him. Newborns tend to suck in the night. From four months on, mother to have a sense of helping the baby gradually give up at night.
baby has developed the bad habit of drinking at night, trouble's a lot:
some babies wake up several times during the night, mother will feed him milk a few times, disturbing the adults rest bad, tired MOM.
baby the night nurse, the baby can sleep.
ate at night can also cause the baby is too fat.
easy to make baby tooth decay.
to eat at night, it is not just baby form habits, mothers give results. Baby cries in the night, mother melted, baby feeding, baby habit of drinking at night. So my mother to help the baby get rid of the habit of eating at night.
This is a torturous process, some mothers in reducing the number of feeding at night or when water instead of milk, the baby woke up that much or more in the number of, cried more fierce, some at this time MOM relented, didn't know what to do: wants to feed, without feeding it, the whole family may be babies get restless all night. MOM how can I get through this difficult process?
from the fourth month, the baby has a milk can save the night, to plan arrangements to keep babies develop habits of drinking milk at night.
1, MOM can gradually reduce the frequency of night nurse for the baby, from three to two and then to one ... ... Let your baby get used to.
2, in order to prevent the baby woke up hungry, last meal of milk before going to bed to late at night, feeding the baby, then urged him to sleep soundly. Mother to 10 o'clock at night to feed him, let him sleep till 6 in the morning the next day.
3, if she woke up crying, don't feed him. MOM to know just eat before going to bed, baby is not hungry. Patiently coaxing baby, gently take the baby to coax him sleep.
4, even if hungry is not matter, sleep does not consume too much energy, give him a drink of water.
5, sometimes the baby crying, not necessarily because he was very hungry, also may want to think about sucking feeling, you can give him a pacifier to suck, play a role in comfort instead. Or other means of diversion.
6, the age of the baby to add complementary, will give him enough food supplement, MOM during the day to allow the baby to eat. Before the baby is sleeping for one or two hours, you can feed rice flour or milk to avoid hungry at night.
7, get rid of the baby and at night used to be a gradual process.
give up at night is the key to: 1.1 to stick in a progressive manner, the baby will slowly develop a habit of sleep the whole night, it will forget the night.
in short, milk the baby breaks off at night, is to control the amount of milk, then in a variety of ways putting the baby to sleep, meet him with all sorts of things instead of the milk and gradually decrease the amount of milk, until the baby sleeping the whole night. Mother's methods can be created to suit your baby, as long as the work on the line.