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March pregnancy diet and its points for attention

  morning sickness and severe pregnant mom, poor appetite, try to choose their own favorite foods. Due to the early pregnancy symptoms, pregnant women often appear dyspepsia, inappetence, and so on. At this time except for a few meals, a selection of easy to digest, fresh food, try to avoid fried, spicy food.
3 months what the supplementary nutrition?
the best tonic foods, eat more protein, vitamin, such as eggs, milk, fresh fruit, etc.
3 months pregnant body vulnerable to supplement what supplements?
1, can not be picky eaters, diet to prevent lack of minerals and trace elements.
2, mix meat, nutrition-balanced.
3, not to eat undercooked meat and fish.
4, the use of a certain amount of whole grains, millet, maize, sweet potatoes, and so on.
5, my mother needed to heat than earlier significantly increased appropriate increases in staple foods such as rice, bread and meat, fish, eggs, milk, peanuts, walnuts and other grocery.
are pregnant for 3 months, you now need to eat something nutritional supplements?
because the fetus is still small in size. How much amount of nutrients is not required. But quality is good or bad. In particular protein. More carbohydrates and vitamin food. Due to the rapid fetal growth and development, nutrition it needs is also increasing. Not only the high quality requirements of the food, and the amount is increasing. Adequate and proper nutrition is an important factor to ensure the healthy growth of the fetus, is actively carried out the basic condition of an unborn baby.
three months of pregnancy nutrition recipe?
beef curry potatoes ingredients: beef 500 g potatoes 150 g Curry 5 grams 10 grams cooking oil, soy sauce 15 grams, 5 grams of salt, onion, ginger, 1 gram.
① cross-sectional slice the beef, cooking starch, soy sauce, cooking wine, shredded beef with marinade. Potatoes, washed, peeled, shredded.
II hot oil, fried onions, ginger, then pot after the fried beef, put the potatoes in, then add soy sauce, salt and curry powder and stir fry a few balls. Characteristics: rich in iron, vitamin B2, niacin, and for pregnant women to eat.
soft burnt chicken
ingredients: cock 2 (about 2 kilograms).
ingredients: 150 g of pork (FAT 3 thin 7), lettuce.
ingredients: onion, wine, cinnamon, star anise, ginger, salt, pepper, soy sauce, sugar, sesame oil, peanut oil, normal soups, gourmet.
① chickens from underarm cut open, from the leg joints cut to the feet, cut my head, wing twist on a support or oppose the pork into slices, disinfection wash lettuce, spring onions, ginger pieces.
water to boil, with hook chicken neck bones, boiled water inside a few times, wipe out to the water, hot cooking wine with a pinch of salt on the chicken again, hanging in a ventilated place, dry leather.
③ in airing chicken of while, burn hot pot, put people peanut oil 50 grams, oil hot nowadays into pork, and ginger, and onion dry fried, stay pork broken health Shi, added soy sauce, and wine, and salt, and cinnamon, and octagonal, and pepper, and sugar, and MSG, and soup (to can irrigation two only chicken abdominal of half for degrees), open Hou pour container within airing cool.
II with a sorghum stalk stuck to the chicken's anus, open under the arm drop people cooked pork and gravy, hang on the oven baking hot, brush on the sesame oil.
II burn when cooking chicken thighs between Shun knives, juice and pork into a bowl, pick your leg (bone), breasts (boneless), cut into pieces, put people in the (Pro). Around the lettuce and doused in sauce (pork without). Features: bright red, texture, tender and fragrant.
my wife is pregnant for 3 months, what should we eat more vegetables and fruit?
diet in this period, dominated by light, eating more digestible, light and less greasy food, it is best to meet pregnant women taste, that is usually love to eat their own food. This time, needs more rest, don't eat, eat light, eat more fruit and vegetables, pulses and derived products, fish, eggs, milk, drink, if morning sickness acute needs to go to hospital to see a doctor.
pregnant 3 months after eating what foods can calcium supplements? Have to eat what food is good for fetal development?
as long as the food, do not need supplementation, calcium supplement early or supplement affects bone development.
I am pregnant for 3 months, what to eat health food?
does not need to eat health food, food is the best, eat a lot of meat dishes, such as pig's feet, fish, pork, duck, drink milk, eat lots of fruits, like to eat the fruits you can eat.
3 months pregnant what should be paid attention, do not eat fruit?
after 3 months of pregnancy should pay attention to sexual intercourse, can eat Apple and so on.
Hawthorn: can't eat Hawthorn on uterine stimulant can cause uterine contractions, may be abortion, just in case it is best to eat less. If you want to select tomatoes sour, red Bayberry, cherries, oranges, grapes, apples and other fresh fruit.
3 months?
calcium supplements only five months pregnant in General, if you would like to add, you can eat Mommy eugenics. During pregnancy there are different for different doses.
What does early pregnancy eating good for baby?
folic acid and multivitamins, calcium deficiency, drink milk, iron and zinc are also important, not recommended herbal tonics, has the appetite to the doctor. Be happy, eat more fruits and vegetables. Add appropriate animal protein. Eat spicy food, light, such as bean sprouts, tofu, etc. While eating more walnuts is good for children's neurological development, soy products are rich in folic acid and b vitamins.
3 months pregnant, how to raise the level of your baby's brain development?
pregnant mother complemented 600~800 mcg of folic acid per day in order to meet a growing baby needs and their needs.