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Gave birth to a healthy baby grey should be avoided during pregnancy

  when the sperm and egg in poor physiological condition or encounter adverse natural environment, formed by the fertilized eggs are vulnerable to interference, influence the quality of conception.
1, gray time physiological circadian rhythm trough
the human body manifests as physical, emotional, intellectual cyclic changes in three areas, most expectant mothers not sensitive to body rhythms and the relationship of conception, or that no direct link between them, everyone knows conceived at the circadian rhythms of the body at low tide, often affects the quality of conception.
when a stage often feel tired, emotional, good and bad, distraction, when doing things inefficiently, most likely is in the circadian low point or climax is at a low ebb and critical days, when one's body resistance decreased, susceptible to germs. If not the circadian low point of prospective parents happened to crash into each other, choose this time to conceive, it is easy to give birth to a frail, lower intelligence of babies; only one rhythm appears low, other circadian peak during pregnancy and the baby's health and intelligence are in General.
response: signal recognition the body under circadian low, physical, emotional, and intellectual send out some signals, not prospective parents need to be identified. Like always forgetful, not active thinking, irritability, weak of mind, these conditions occur, prompt your body may be in rhythm down.
in General, with the period of fluctuations, not expectant mothers every month once circadian low, usually is a week before menstruation. But everyone's situation is different, not the mother-to-be in the week before menstruation special high, demand is also high, happens to be a very good pregnancy status. But not for expectant fathers, circadian low point also to month or 1.5 months cycle from time to time, to stagger their circadian low point, it is necessary to always observe carefully and see which days in a month to most easily lost his temper.
this stage was not prospective parents pregnancy can, in the rhythm of ebb phase, but also appropriate stress-busters, balance mental status, pregnancy can also help in the future.
2, gray time
normally in the presence of inflammation of the reproductive organs, prior to getting pregnant, not MOM and dad went to the hospital to do a comprehensive physical examination, rule out adverse pregnancy situations. Not the mother-to-be has cases of trichomonal vaginitis pregnancy, may cause early pregnancy miscarriage, fetal baby's normal growth, and even the possibility of teratogenic. Mycotic vaginitis may infect the fetal babies, poor condition of abnormal fetal baby is born. Cervical polyps also would have an adverse impact on future deliveries. Inflammation of the reproductive organs of pregnancy there is a certain effect, to ensure the quality of conception, not prospective parents should ensure that the timing of these conditions do not exist for pregnancy.
strategies: observant, troubleshoot normal life as soon as possible, no prospective parents should keep an eye on whether there are abnormal sexual life situations, for example, have vaginal bleeding after sex. Such an abnormal situation just shows that maybe not MOM and dad there is inflammation of the reproductive organs of the party, should note that the early investigation. If there is inflammation of the above adverse pregnancy, not expectant mothers should be actively treated, recovered and then consider pregnancy. Grey time sex
3, unreasonable or poor physical and mental
excellent in physical and mental state, not prospective parents to conceive without pressure, produces large amounts of healthful enzymes, hormones, such as choline and acetic acid, physical strength, mental of both are in very good shape. Having sex will have an impact on the quality of sperm, too frequent or too negative pregnant.
normal life, without one or both of the parents physically tired or irritable, or living without law, are likely to affect the vitality of the sperm or egg, detrimental to the quality formation of fertilized eggs, also affect implantation and growth of fertilized eggs, which would increase chances of miscarriage or affect the development of fetal baby. Enjoy regular sex life is a prerequisite for healthy pregnancy, not prospective parents should pay attention to.
strategy: before the rest, gave birth to the baby, not MOM and dad to take a rest and conditioning to both the mind and body in good condition. To conceive a few days before the best appropriate to stop sex 5-7 day, in order to ensure the vitality of sperm. Not MOM and dad to mutual understanding and maintaining harmonious and pleasant communication is beneficial to the quality of life and, of course, easier to breed sweet, healthy little baby.
having sex should be reasonable number has certain effect on sperm quality of life. Sex frequency, causes the semen thinner, low sperm count; sex life calling, so that sperm ageing, lack of vitality. Therefore, before preparing to conceive, not prospective parents should control the frequency of sex, usually two to three times a week, avoiding all adverse pregnancy conditions.
4, grey timing just happened shortly after ectopic pregnancy
not the mother to have a correct understanding and cure soon hurried of ectopic pregnancy pregnancy is very dangerous. Fallopian tube is not fully clear circumstances, is likely to once again lead to ectopic pregnancy and repeat ectopic pregnancy rate is about 15%.
strategies: don't hurry to pregnancy is ectopic pregnancy experience is not the mother-to-be, after healing, do not rush to pregnancy. To adhere to the birth control for some time, (probably lasted for more than six months), this time must be in tip-top physical conditioning to avoid repeat ectopic pregnancy status.
checks in order to ensure safe pregnancy before pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy is not expectant mothers nursed back to health when much of the body, you can consider pregnancy, but you should do before pregnancy to check, after you are sure that everything works, cancel contraception again, don't take it for granted that he had recovered well and repeat.
5, gray time now taking any medication
during early pregnancy, fetal baby is vulnerable to the effects of drugs and other external factors, without the mother body sick all year round, takes a long time to take certain medications. Such as hormones, antibiotics, antiemetic drugs, anticancer drugs, psychiatric drugs, influence on germ cells produce different effects.
strategy: try to avoid using a negative when drugs are not prospective parents in preparing for pregnancy, it is best to avoid using negative pregnancy drugs. Once these drugs through the blood into semen, semen of the drug can be absorbed through the vaginal mucosa and into the mother's blood circulation, and have impacts on the development of the fertilized eggs. It is recommended, not expectant father down trying to take the guidance of a doctor not not the mother produced malignant effects of drugs. Not the mother at this time best can stop taking the drugs, to be replaced by other benign drug is the best method, if not replaced, then try not to get pregnant.
doctor after treatment, when a different drug metabolism, stays in the body at different times, in turn, impact on pregnancy is not the same, not the mother when the pregnancy is the best time, the best doctor, doctor to be sure.
6, adverse environmental changes in gray time to
not expectant mothers must be wondering, and conceived how contacts with the natural environment. In fact, the human body is full of electromagnetic conductors. Changes in the natural environment such as eclipses, solar storms, will affect the germ cells, germ cells caused by distortion, easily gave birth to healthy babies. Not MOM and dad better not be conceived at the time.
strategies: avoiding natural disasters occur with thunder and lightning, landslides, earthquakes, eclipses and other natural factors change, nature may have a strong x rays, making sperm and eggs to the rays of radiation and distortion.
from each month of the lunar calendar because this time the Moon's pull on the Earth's biggest, likely to cause mood swings, affecting the vitality of the sperm and egg, no prospective parents had better avoid the time to conceive.
to avoid the sunspot peak years generally, calculations of zeros of international uniformity in 1745 Sunspot cycle usually think of a Sunspot cycle occurs every 11.2 years. Sunspot eruption may cause a great impact on the human body, especially in germ cells, likely caused by the implantation of the fertilized egg, and growth has been hampered, even poor intelligence lead to the birth of the baby, so good pregnancy should be avoided this time.