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Postpartum the several good ways to sleep better

  for new mothers to take care of the baby at night, get a good night's sleep is a luxury thing. Nurse, change diapers, sleep ... ... Lead to a decline in the quality of sleep. Fortunately, we found that ingredients have a sleeping sedative effect. New MOM might as well have a try, you will find that the quality of sleep is to eat out!
care sleep well about the "legacy"
Australia, a study reported that many women in the first year after the birth of their child are considered symptoms of postpartum depression may be signs of lack of sleep.
United States Harvard University School of medicine survey 900 postpartum women with an average age of 33 found that new mothers if the lack of sleep, weight gain, particularly against back in shape.
sleep better some good ways to quiet
some mothers want to do more housework while the baby is asleep, till late at night when it is not a pretty boy. Mother's 30-60 minutes before going to bed, should do something to relax things, such as taking a shower, quietly reading a book ... ...
bedtime snack
If you wanted to eat some snacks before going to bed, you can choose low-fat foods, such as bread dipped in jam, or eat it with milk and cereals. Want something to drink, chrysanthemum and honey are great to naturally calm. But note that is, 3 hours before going to bed, do not eat too much. Sleep till
physical exercise can help you sleep better and improve sleep quality. But exercise should also pay attention to the time, if you exercise too close to bedtime can cause you too excited, the body temperature is too high, that it is hard to sleep. Scheduling exercise as much as possible during the day. Don't sleep with baby

the day by day, when the baby's NAP time, sleep with my mother and don't follow! Baby sleep for 15 hours a day, and adults need about 8 hours. So, if you take a NAP during the day for 3 hours, rest at night will certainly encounter problems. If fatigue, can be at the same point a day to rest. 10-20-minute NAP can make you feel energized.
/> candy Lily materials: 1 fresh lilies, rock sugar amount
practices: Cook lilies add rock sugar, can also be cooked add dates. 2-3 a day.
function: Lily contain biotin, autumn water alkaline and other alkaloids and nutrients, good nutrition nourishing power. The drinks can help you fall asleep, reducing nightmares, there is beauty. Oatmeal
material: oatmeal, milk, sugar and
practice: take oatmeal 1 Add 3 servings of milk and boil for 15 minutes, add sugar and can be used as the congee for dinner.
function: milk is an ideal tonic, a drink before going to bed can make you fall asleep. Oats porridge can soothe, and lungs laxative to prevent postpartum constipation.
Tip: since oatmeal in general quite hard, cooking takes time, recommend the use of fast food oatmeal.
Green-jujube soup
material: date 20G, light blue 7
1. wash the red dates to soak for 5 days, very light blue wash.
2. dates into the pot, add the right amount of water, with the fire to boil, about 20 minutes.
3. Add scallions and continue to simmer for 10 minutes. When eating jujube soup.
effect: red dates is a rich source of vitamins and trace elements, sweet flesh full of warm, creamy, nourishing the five Zang-organs, tonifying the spleen and the stomach, nourishing blood for calming effect. For Qi weakness caused by dreams, insomnia, trances had a significant effect.
sleep nourishing soup
ingredients: black bone chicken 500g, and duck meat 500g
Accessories: Caulis spatholobi 20G, and crane grass 20G, and night make vine 20G, and dog Ridge 12g, and Dodder 12g, and sang parasitic 12g, and PRIVET child 12g, and atractylodes macrocephala 8g, and Acacia skin 8g, and Habitat yellow 8g, and radix rehmanniae Preparata yellow 8g, and ginseng 5G, and continued broken 8g, and dry Lotus grass 12g
1. 14 wash the herbs, add water, FRY sauce, net filter impurities.
2. Chicken and duck meat boiled and cut into bars.
3. Heightening the soup in the Pan, add chicken and duck meat marinated, jiajiangkuai, onion and the juice, use a small fire for about 2 hours, pick the ginger, onion, MSG and salt seasoning.
ingredients: millet amount
practice: take millet amount, add water, porridge. Dinner food or eat before going to bed.
function: millet, slightly cold, spleen, and stomach, the effect of sleep. According to studies, millet tryptophan and a high content of starch, fresh, can promote the secretion of insulin, increasing the amount of tryptophan in the brain, it can make people sleep the effects.