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Notice to customers

  1, a valid document must be produced on the customer registration ID card, and required more truthfully fill out the customer registration form.
2, registered in the company's customer and month service agreement required the company record and pay the related fee, customers shall be prepaid wages in the company, issued by the management of the company.
3, the customer shall assist the month service personnel familiar with the working environment as soon as possible in order to faster month waiter initiative, such as defects in the services, customer and help confinement waiter corrected in a timely manner, in order to better serve you.
4, customers in the month staff personality and work principles of reasonable month staff accommodation and schedules and have the obligation to ensure confinement waiter's life and property safety.
5, customers should keep financial and valuables at home, not with money to test the month staff integrity.
6, if you find that confinement staff misconduct, first to education help and correct them, if not subject to education, please feel free to contact our company, after investigation and verification by the company by the company to handle serious public security organs dealing with the transfer.
7, month staff while working in a customer's home, when illness and other diseases or accidents occur, please be sure to carry forward the humanitarian spirit of flexibility in a timely manner, and to notify the company.
8, customers such as confinement within the trial period the attendant dissatisfaction please contact with the company, this company does not have any fees adjusted month waiters.
9, customers in the replacement of the month when the waiter with confinement attendants and to the company on the transfer procedures, so as to avoid unnecessary disputes.
10, customer and month attendant disarmament agreement, you must promptly notify the company, his own release, such as not complying with the provisions, disputes the company is not responsible for the consequences.